What to pack for Queenstown, New Zealand


ess than 3 days sleep until I jet set off to New Zealand to mark my first destination of the year. I’m currently in the middle of packing and am super excited because it means I get to plan and pick all my outfits in advanced. Although it’s summer in New Zealand, the weather is just about the same all year long. The weather doesn’t get much hotter than 21 degrees Celsius and you can see lows from 9 degrees, meaning it’ll be cold even during summer. For this trip, I’m swapping my summer clothes for a ton of winter warmers with neutral tones and trends I’m digging this year.

Take a look at what I’ll be packing/what I think you should pack so you can get inspired next time you decide to travel to New Zealand!

Lets get started x

What to pack:

Favourite jackets

My aim was to pick outerwear that’s perfect for layering and can match any outfit. I’ve always stuck to warm tones because it means you can build your pieces effortlessly without looking dramatic. I avoided packing thin jackets with no lining because I knew they wouldn’t keep me warm. Instead, the ones I chose were my favourites last winter.

Dress up

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t glam up and get super dressy. And what better place than New Zealand, where theres a photo opportunity around every corner? A cute dress with long sleeves means you’re kept warm plus it’s versatile for day and night time! In the daytime you can layer with coats, jacket and boots, then change it up with stockings and statement jewellery for the ultimate night-out look.

Knit and Skirt combo

The weather in New Zealand will make you want to bundle up, so a knit and skirt combo is always a good option. I chose monotone tops with cute details so it doesn’t just fall flat like most knits do, and layering them with colourful skirts with different textures. This is a good way to pack light if you don’t want to travel with a lot of clothes as you can always mix and match.

Basics, basics, basics

Whoever said basics were dead is clearly wrong, because casual comfort is always the way to go especially when you’re going to a country that involves hiking. Denim is a necessity because it’s easy to wear, can be paired with anything and requires little effort to look stylish! Cami’s are also great to pack and can be worn as is or over a sweater/turtleneck.

Footwear is important

Your choice of footwear is important in Queenstown because you’ll be doing a lot of different activities which will ask for specific types of shoes. Friends have said to avoid packing only boots and/or high heels because the area is known for hikes and terrain walks. Instead, I’ll be bringing sneakers, flat shoes and boots with me so I can be prepared for both walking and partying the night away.