Sweet dreams with Koala

Since moving into our new apartment, we’ve searched far and wide for the perfect bed that could suit both mine and Shad’s needs. I on one hand love to sleep on a firmer mattress (back at my old house, I used to have one custom made from a Vietnamese warehouse!). Shad on the other hand doesn’t like his mattress to be as hard as a rock but he hates springy ones as well. For so long we had heard about this brand called Koala, who specialise in the living market place with ONE top product. I’m talking they sell only one type of mattress, one type of bed, one type of sofa, all specifically engineered and designed to be the best and only piece you’ll ever need to buy. Sounds a bit ambitious right?

I’ve heard from so many of my friends and especially from my own brother that Koala products are worth every cent, and for the longest time I didn’t want to buy into the hype, but when Shad and I faced this bedding dilemma, I thought it was finally ready to consult the rising professionals in the sleeping department.

Koala was kind enough to send us over their bed base, mattress and sheets to try. For every bed base and mattress you order, they adopt a Koala from WWF so already I felt like I was doing some good to our cuddly little creatures. I ordered them on a Friday and the door bell rang on Saturday afternoon for delivery…yep, Koala offers 4 hour FREE delivery in metro areas, how seriously cool is that?! Our courier was kind enough to bring it all the way up to Level 7 for us. After that, it was time for us to test the true challenge that will make or break a relationship – building something together. First we broke out the bed base, which BTW, doesn’t even need any screws or tools what so ever. If you’re like me and thinking ‘how?’, well it’s because Koala’s bed base is like a giant jigsaw puzzle! Everything just slots together in one, stable, beautiful masterpiece. How incredibly easy was that! It took us less than 20 minutes and it took me back to the time where I was trying to build the bed I had at my own house and it took about 3 hours (and a handful of tears). Although this bed is a timber frame, Koala only work with traceable woods and do not align themselves with places that are subject to deforestation.

Next is the kinda cool bit where you unwrap the tightly sealed mattress onto the bed and it just kind of inflates itself on the spot for you to see. Of course we had to do the classic wine test, which worked like a charm. Also I’ve had this bed for about a few weeks now and I can tell you that the ‘Zero Partner Disturbance’ feature is truly real. I’m the lightest sleeper in the world, and I have the best undisturbed sleeps at night because I can’t feel Shad toss and turn, meaning I feel way more rested in the morning when I wake up! After we had everything set, we moved onto our linen sheets which I read is made from 100% eucalyptus tencel, a material that recycles 99.5% of solvents used. No exaggeration but on feeling them, it was like I was going to fall asleep in a bunch of clouds!! I had lived my life with the linen that my mum had gotten me and I was surely missing out. I remember the first night we slept with the new sheets, I couldn’t stop running my leg on the blankets because they were so darn soft and silky! It would be sooo hard to pick a favourite, but I think the sheets were the perfect cherry on top because my sleep has dramatically improved after fitting them on (there was a period where we were using old linen on the Koala bed).

Before trying out the Koala products myself, I thought they were just an ordinary start up brand that had great marketing. But after weeks of testing, I’m proud to say that I’m a loyal converted fan. I’ve been telling everyone whether it be my followers or family, that this has been the best bed that I’ve slept on! Even though I’m used to hard mattresses, there’s something about this foam mattress that makes so comfortable. Plus, everything was very easy to build and I love how dedicated they are to their branding. The boxes were so cute and the Koala toys are still sitting on our couch to this day!

If you are thinking of purchasing anything at Koala, use the code MATESWITHJOANNELY to get a sneaky $150 off your order, you have to try it to believe it!