October Favourites




nother month has wrapped up as fast as ever and slowly we are edging towards the end of the year! Last October was a whirlwind for me – I came back from Japan, and went straight back into university to finally finish off my Commerce/Media degree (Forever!). I’m so excited for a new chapter of my life now I can focus more time on my career as well as more blogging. Because I was overseas a lot in September, I have many new places and things I’ve explored to share with you all, in Sydney and in Japan. Feel free to send me an email or message if there’s ever any more info you want and I’ll be more than happy to reply xx

Funkis Koket

I found this little café on accident as I was browsing on Instagram. To the outside world, you would miss this place if you ever drove past it because there is no signage! Only a single door that leads to a beautiful courtyard café with breakfast and coffee. Funkis Koket traces back to Sandanavia, with traditional Swedish drinks and baked eggs on the menu. You can enjoy magazines inside or sit outside in the sun. Even better, this café is connected to a cute homewares store filled with amazing Scandi home décor (Think minimalism and brownish white tones), so you can eat and shop to your hearts content!

Google Pixel 2

I have always been an Apple girl by default, but this month, the launch of Google Pixel 2 has absolutely blown me out of the water. The camera quality is amazing and is the best in the phone market right now. For my blogger shots, I usually have to take my camera with me but after getting my hands on the Pixel 2, I’ve been using it for all my shots, on the blog and on Instagram. Still an Apple girl, but Google definitely has a place in my heart now.

Mono Stripes

Another favourite outfit of mine last month. I haven’t gone monochrome in a very long time. I feel like the striped shirt is an essential to any wardrobe but I didn’t own any. I spotted this set (sold separately) on Pomelo and knew I had to try it on myself. This look is soft and feminine yet screams girl boss at the same time. I added a little bit of colour with this cute Guess bag and let the outfit speak for itself.

Uber Eats

Imagine ordering food from the most popular restaurants and having it delivered straight to your door! I never knew how I lived without Uber Eats when it was first launched, because it is such a convenient service and you can pick from hundreds of leading restaurants in Sydney. Last month, my cousins and I were feeling peckish so we decided to order dim sum, Vietnamese food and Donuts for the ultimate 3 course meal. We ordered from 3 different restaurants and delivery was only $5 for each. Within 15-20 mins, the Uber Eats courier was ringing the doorbell (Mind you, we were also on the 19th level of an apartment!).

Seeing Red

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I don’t EVER wear red, because it’s such a loud colour and I normally stick to neutral tones. But then I landed my eyes on these red belted BooHoo pants and instantly knew I had to have it. These trousers are the perfect fit especially for a petite like me! The belt hugs your figure and is really sending me some Parisian vibes. From then, I’ve went to buy 3 more red items and have started incorporating them into my feed, I’m obsessed now.

Microbladed brows

I waited 8 long weeks for my touch up appointment, but I can finally reveal thicker and fuller brows thanks to the team at Tanya Beauty Care (totally not sponsored as well, I just love them so much). If you missed my Microblading 101 post, you can read it all here and discover my answers to your popular questions! I’ve always struggled with these thin and sparse brows ever since I was a kid and took a big jump to microblade after 2 years of considering it. It worked like such a charm and saves me so much time in the morning when I get ready, definitely worth the money and patience in waiting for it to heal!

Xx Eli.