A tiny house weekend away with Koala

A few weekends back, Shad and I had an exciting trip that was quite literally off the grid. We were invited to stay at Unyoked tiny homes as guests of Koala, to prove that you can have indeed have luxury even in the middle of Australian nature.

Unyoked is not a hotel, or an accommodation service. They like to think of themselves as tiny home adventurers that allow their guests to disconnect and get into the wilderness. These tiny homes were made by hand and dropped off in the most picturesque regions of Sydney and Melbourne. We chose Heike as our cabin, which was located 2 hours from the city and surrounded by forest-bathed mountains.

It was very easy to find our way there (even at night when it was dark!) We were given a full guide a week before heading out, with maps and detailed instructions on how to get to our home. Even if you can’t find your way, there are signs that guide you along once you’re about 5 minutes out from your destination.

The sleep we had was probably one of the best in a while! Instead of being on our phones, there were no distractions and we simply melted into our soft bed and slept like babies. I’m a huge fan of Koala and their products, (their mattresses are the only ones Shad and I can agree on) so it was great to be able to jump onto the bed and finally relax. This was also the first time I tried their pillows which is contoured to your sleeping position and habit – I loved it so much I wanted to take it home!

Waking up to the view in our cozy bed was probably my highlight of the trip. Nothing beats being able to look out floor to ceiling windows and see sprawling forests complemented by the side of nature. We even saw Kangaroos on our second day! There’s something about being around nature that everyone has to try – in a remote area where no one can find you and you’re surrounded by nothing but peacefulness and tranquility. During our time at Unyoked, we cooked together, played board games, watched the sun go down next to our campfire, and simply just enjoyed one another’s company.

It is definitely an experience that made us both switch off and tune the world out.