July Favourites

I’m thinking of starting a new monthly post series on my blog that highlights my absolute favourite things from the month before! Favourites will include things like beauty, fashion, lifestyle goods. Thoughts on this? I am dying to share with you all the items I’m loving right now.

The month of July flew quicker than any other ✈️. Mainly because I spent half of it jetsetting across Australia and found myself in the tropics of Queensland AND the windstorms in Melbourne (not to mention that short stint in Adelaide). Because of all this travelling, my sensitive skin has reacted so badly to the quick changes in weather. This month I’ve found myself experimenting with new skincare products and discovering some cult classics that I’ve finally gotten back to loving again! Trust me on this, these products are a god send.

All this + more down below xx

Back in 2015 (When I was 19), I was struggling with the world’s most uncontrollable complexion. Random acne breakouts, dry skin and red blotches was what caused me to look for a skincare miracle. I had a friend who recommended me the Night Repair which she said she swore by as a favourite to her night routine. A bit skeptical, I invested into this product hoping that the benefits would make up for the expensive price tag and – viola! My skin was feeling softer and looked a lot more healthier. This baby was a one skin treatment product. The bottle lasted me 1 year and 1/2 until I recently ran out and kept forgetting to buy it. However, I just picked one of these lovelies up again last month because of my drying skin and have been using it everyday since! What a difference a small bottle makes.

The most sensitive skin lies around your eyes, so that means the area requires special care all the time. Lately, I’ve been loving the La Mer Eye Concentrate because it is sooooo gentle on my eyes. A special applicator is provided to soothe the concentrate and allow the skin to absorb it without your fingers absorbing most of the product. I’ve been using this almost every day and have seen great results already! The active ingredient Hematite, a magnetic charged mineral, is known to reduce fine lines and decrease the darkness of under eye circles.

I never knew how essential accessories are to elevating your outfit and giving it that extra ‘bam’ it didn’t have before. I’ve been a massive fan of low-key earrings, but I recently went shopping with my cousin for our Magnetic Island trip and found myself bagging many many stand out earrings that would complement just about any outfit. Pom pom, fans and baubles are all designs that are trending right now, with some boutiques even selling outrageous and over the top versions! Statement earrings come in all sorts of colours and will look super cute worn casually or dressed up.

If you’ve been noticing more gingham skirts, dresses, tops etc. on your feed lately, you’re not alone! This babe pattern has made a comeback in the recent month with celebrities and bloggers alike jumping on the band wagon (Even Pinterest has reported a 100% jump in searches for Gingham). The checkered design reminds me of the 90’s era where retro was in and everyone sported at least one gingham item on their bodies. It is great to add a little texture into your everyday #OOTD. Find this print on summer dresses and flirty skirts, even on lady boss pants and suits. Bonus style points goes to off shoulder gingham tops, combining two fashion trends into one wearable piece.

Is it right to put a destination into your July favourites? I don’t know but I honestly can’t skip over how beautiful the city of Melbourne was during my last visit. Even though Sydney is only an hour away, I hadn’t visited in 4 years and felt like so much has changed. This time felt like a whole new experience (travelling with your partner is a lot more different than with family when you were younger), although we didn’t do much but eat and explore new places. Melbourne is definitely the city of food. There are always alleyways full of exciting brunch cafes with something happening right around the corner. The city is very accessible thanks to the tram lines but you could also walk from one place to another whilst taking in the London-like architecture!

Early last month when I had some free time, I was looking over some movies I had watched in the past and found myself falling in love again with A Walk To Remember. This movie reminded me so much about the innocence of young love, even though it can get a little corny sometimes. I absolutely adore it as one of my favourites because of its tear jerking moments and how it was written (Its a Nicholas Sparks book, obviously). This really brings back memories of small Joanne crying in front of her TV, but I feel it’s almost therapeutic to go back and watch the movies you loved as a kid, and at least now I can admit that the acting is very very cheesy. Still, 10/10!

I hope you enjoyed this new series as I had so much fun writing it!

More favourites to come next month x