Insert Name Here Hair: My go-to pony extensions

Growing up I used to have really thick hair, which I now envy as I got older and my hair became thinner. Because I also have my hair as mid length, it was impossible for me to get that dream long pony that I’ve always wanted (Thanks Ari for making that every girls wish). Cue Insert Name Here, a hair extensions brand created by former Colourpop superstars, Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn. You’ve probably seen INH Hair all over Instagram, they’re most famous for their outrageously gorgeous ponytails that are long, sleek and easy to wear. So easy in fact, that they will match the shade of your hair to one of their shades via Instagram DM (I got mine back in hours!)

I reached out to INH Hair who generously sent me two of their most popular products to try out and show you guys how it looks. The first is one of their best selling ponies, Brit, and the second is their 22 inch clip in extensions.

Hi, I’m Brit:

So I admit that I’ve done some stalking and immediately fell in love with the Brit pony as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I knew it would turn my (very) thin and boring ponytail into Ariana Grande status. The extension comes with a velcro wrap base, which you wrap around your existing ponytail and secure in place. INH Hair also leaves a piece of hair on the side of the pony for you so you can wrap that to cover the velcro band.

The hair texture is thick, and SO wavy. If you prefer a straighter look I recommend going with the Miya as it’s their OG product. I run a brush through mine every time I wear it to get rid of any knots and the wavyness of the pony hasn’t faltered once. I prefer not to curl it and leave it in its original style as it’s not recommended to use heat on it (their pony’s are synthetic hair), as it could lose the volumising texture.

Because I recently cut my hair into curtain bangs, I love how the Brit pony gives me an almost vintage preppy look. I got a LOT of stares and compliments when I wore it out. Luckily that was just before the social distancing restrictions were put into place so I’m thankful I got to take my girl Brit for a spin!

Hi, I’m U-Clip 22 inch:

Besides having their signature ponies, INH also have a range of hair extensions that add volume and length in seconds. Their U-clip design comes in a one piece so it’s very easy to attach and detatch. Plus, if you have any trouble with how to put them on, they have handy video guides on their website and Youtube channels.

The extensions are heat resistance up to 200 degrees Celsius (400 Fahrenheit) and they only weigh 145 grams which means you’ll barely feel a tug in your hair as you put them on! Again, I just use a brush to brush the extensions out when I wear it. Although I wasn’t able to wear the U-clip out and test it for a day, I did try it at home and it looked so natural and stunning! I was barely able to tell and the extensions hold so well on any hair.

INH’s U-Clip extensions are primarily designed to add volume so therefore works best on medium to long hairstyles. If you have shorter hair, you can check out their shorter clip in extensions as they range from 16 inches to 22 inches!

Some extra tips for you:

  • You might want to consider a storage space for your ponies/extensions so that they can fall easily. However, INH Hair provide you a slip bag which you can also use!
  • Because the ponies use synthetic hair, treat them well and do not style with heat or dye them
  • You can get colour matched in IG – so be sure to speak with one of the lovely team members before you commit to your first purchase! Plus, they guide you towards what they think works best for your hair style and colour, even if you’re stuck between two choices
  • Their Instagram page is full of other customer images as well as tips and tricks on how to take care of your pony. It’s gold mine! You should check out photos of other girls for inspo
  • Lastly, have fun wearing them and always check back for new releases. They’ve just released some coloured wigs as well as rainbow braids – perfect for festivals when social distancing is over!

This blog post was in collaboration with INH Hair, but since being sent the products and trying it out, I have went and bought two more ponies as a customer. They are just THAT good! I will update this page once I receive them to show you all what it looks like.