Easter has arrived at The Grounds

How fast has it been that Easter is just around the corner from us? It felt like only yesterday that I was visiting The Grounds and their beautiful sunflower Easter installation, and this year I’m back again for their new and improved Easter laneway! I’ve always loved going to The Grounds, something about it just feels like getting away from the urban city and into a garden oasis, where they have the most photogenic Instagram spots, and two cafes that are one of the best brunch areas in Sydney (I don’t drink coffee but I’ve heard  it’s pretty amazing too!).

The laneway created by the team at the Grounds (with the direction of creative head, Theresa), featured neon pastel rainbow archways with giant Easter eggs and lots of giant flowers. At the end of the laneway was a massive 500kg (yes you read right) Easter egg that is to be broken and shared between all guests on Easter Sunday! The best thing about the laneway installation is that it looks beautiful no matter the time of the day. At day time, you have a rainbow arch complimented by the blue sky, but at night time, you have a neon light show. If you’re in Sydney, you must go visit The Grounds this Easter to take some photos, and even stay and try their special Easter cocktails and cakes.

I mostly come to The Grounds as a guest, but this time I was contacted by the amazing team to shoot their new installation for their socials and websites. It was the first time a brand had contacted me to be behind the camera rather than infront of it and it felt great exercising my creative direction and being able to see the photos being used on a brand’s digital space. I also got to have a taste of what it’s like being a freelance photographer which to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it just as much as styling and shooting my own photos for Elidaze. So excited to share with you guys the final images, I can’t wait to put my photographer hat on again!