Winter things


appy June everyone! Today is the first day of winter, and I can say that I have definitely been feeling the cold chill spread across the city. I guess when you live in Sydney and spend a lot of time in the sun, you don’t get used to the cold. But what I love about winter is that you can rug up and start layering your favourite pieces together. I recently moved into a new place with a lot of space for a walk in robe, so I’ve been finding clothing that I thought I lost or totally forgot I had even owned in the first place! These past few weeks I’ve been using my time to pack and reorganise my entire wardrobe, and in the process, I found some old pieces that I thought would be perfect for the colder weather, particularly this fluffy pilot jacket that I bought 1 year ago (and has kept me warm since the dawn of time). I really do believe that you need to invest in some warm outerwear when the colder months hit, especially if you’re like me and get cold easily – it’s amazing to see how good a quality coat can go! Sometimes I can get away with wearing a coat and a long sleeve top in 8 degree weather, if I know that it’s made from good material.

Before Winter took all the beautiful trees away, I walked around the suburbs and found this street lined with trees, all with their leaves falling to prepare for the other seasons. It was so orange and unbelievable that it reminded me so much of the leaves back in Japan. Sometimes I forget that I live in such an amazing city where sights like this aren’t hard to come across.

I paired my fluffy pilot jacket with a lace bodysuit I had bought quite a long time ago. I’m not one to show a lot of cleavage, so I thought it would look really chic and classy tucked away under a powerful outerwear piece! I then decided to wear a beige eyelet skirt to keep the colour palette warm and consistent, so I can work with the background. My booties are new and I’m soooo in love with them. They have a zip front which is trending right now, and aren’t that high which means I can wear them casually too. And of course, my beloved baker boy hat. I was actually having a bad hair day so I guess it helped me hide that very well!

Stay warm and rug up lovelies! And don’t forget to enjoy the sun if you’re from the other side of the world ♡



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