The best brunch spots in Sydney

Sydney is known for its brunching culture and I’m not ashamed to say that I have a love affair with brunching in Sydney cafe’s. Over the past years, trendy grammable spots have popped up everywhere around the city with a focus on moody interiors, fresh coffee and visually pleasing food. That’s why it’s hard to decide where to go with so many options around you, especially if you’re just visiting! So where are Sydney’s best brunches? I’ve made my own list nominating some of my all time favourite cafe spots around town.

1. Flower Child Cafe, Chatswood

Although this cafe is inside a shopping centre, Flower Child cafe lives up to its name, resembling an outdoor greenhouse influenced by the Grounds of Alexandria. Walking in immediately feels like you’re being transported to a courtyard cafe on the streets of London. The dishes are extremely photogenic with splashes of colour and flowers being used to decorate the plates, not to mention delicious too! Their signature dish, the French Toast, is a totally grammable mess of fruits, caramel and banana mascarpone. Bonus – they also have a coffee partnership with the Grounds complete with trademark teal coffee cups.

2. The Q on Harris, Ultimo

Credits to @arvinisstarvin

The Q on Harris is my ultimate go-to for hearty fusion brunch food. This cafe combines Japanese ingredients and flavours with traditional Aussie favourites like fried chicken waffles with honey lemon dressing and wasabi mayo. The Q also specialises in Indonesian coffee which is very hard to find in Sydney! Make sure you get a spot outside in the courtyard as there are plenty of photo opportunities with seriously good lighting. Do also have a chat with the friendly chef himself, Taiyo, who is very passionate about his food!

3. Left of Field, Rhodes

Via @ohbabyitskaren x

Left of Field is a blogger’s dream. High ceilings, minimal Scandinavian interiors and plants that hang off the wall. My favourite thing about this cafe is their unique take on every dish which makes me want to come back and try something else. Last time I had hotcakes which included Earl Grey custard and maple popcorn! It was a combination that surprised me but worked so well it made me want to come back again. Other interesting options include burgers with mud crab or pigs cheek – served with pig-ear fries (yes, for real) instead of potato chips!

4. The Local Mbassy, Ultimo

The Local Mbassy is what I like to call the hipster take on traditional brunch food. They take a simple dish and add their own twist to it which is probably why the cafe is always busy. I haven’t gotten around to trying their famous red velvet pancakes yet, but I decided to go with a savoury dish and had prawns for brunch which were yummy and made me want to order it again! All their food is also very colourful and you can even chat to the owner if you’d like too and he’ll tell you a bit about the cafe.

5. Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

If healthy food is your thing then Paramount Coffee Project should be on your next to-eat list! It’s a collaboration between two existing cafe owners and the interior is very art-deco like just below the Paramount House. The food is has a lot of selections so you have a variety to choose from and is also very instagrammable. I didn’t get the chance to try their coffee, but I heard it’s what they’re famous for (Of course, since coffee is in their name) and they rotate the beans every few weeks from different suppliers.