September Favourites



t’s been quite a while since my last favourites post. I committed to doing a post every month but couldn’t find the time to fit in last month’s August favourites because I was travelling throughout half of September and handing in assignments in the other half. Instead of posting a very delayed August favourites + September favourites, I have decided to double my favourites in this post to make up for the lack of one last month. These last two months have been quite a rollercoaster and I promise that October will be filled with a lot of goodies I’ve brought back from Japan but haven’t tried yet! There were many things I fell in love with over August and September, and these are just my few favourites x


A new eatery just opened up in the heart of Chatswood and it has quickly become one of my favourite to brunch at! Chimi Churi cafe is a new venture by the previous owner of The Local Mbassy. If you visit the cafe, you’ll notice the art decor is very similar to what TLM used to be. The ingredients are fresh and the food is delicious but what I love about Chimi Churi is that they have a selection of flavoured lattes. If you don’t drink coffee often (like me, for its bitter taste), I suggest you give one of these lattes a try because they taste great! I had the Red Velvet Latte the last time I visited and it tasted just like a Red Velvet Cake with a small hint of coffee – it was perfect for me. The exterior of the cafe is also great for those Instagram snapshots, with a classic splash of black and white. It does get quite busy on the weekends, so I suggest heading there early to get a good seat by the windows!


Many of you already know this, but I’d like to talk about it a little bit more. I was born missing 5 teeth and having a cross-bite. When I was younger, I felt like I didn’t need braces, but as I got older, I started getting more insecure about my smile and decided to have braces at the age of 18! The dentist told me it was going to be a long process and I kind of cursed myself for not having done it sooner. But 3 years have passed and I finally got my braces off and welcomed a new smile and a new me! It has been a wild journey, and a transformative one. My smile has been my biggest insecurity but I feel like I can show it to the whole world now. For those who have come to me and messaged saying that they feel scared of having braces at such an old age, I say go for it with all your heart! It’s truly worth it in the end and you’ll see a much more confident you skyrocket x


Petite bags are making a comeback this season and it just so happens that I got my hands on the new Gucci Marmont Mini in my favourite colour, blush pink. Since the release of these bags, it’s been sold out everywhere and it took me a while to find the colour that I wanted. The chevron stitching of this bag gives it a playful note as opposed to Gucci’s usual styles. I love the bag because of the small gold accents, like the plating of “GG” as well as the metal chain which can be placed inside the bag for a clutch look or worn over your shoulder for casual everyday wear. After taking this bag with me to travel in Japan, I’d have to say that it does get quite dirty easily and even the slightest bump can transfer unwanted colours to your bag. My tip is to get a darker shade if you get things dirty easily (like me!).


I was never a big fan of skin mesh tops until I decided to give it a go. It’s been trending for a while now as most bloggers are investing in skin mesh tops with patterns and different overlays. I bought one from YesStyle as they were having a deal, and I have to say, I love how versatile this piece can be! It looks perfect as a summer or winter look, as well as being able to dress it up or down depending on the time of day or the event you’re going to. Skin mesh tops add a bit of sexiness to your outfit without showing too much skin, but I find it to be very classy as well because of that factor. I got a lot of compliments and people asking me where I got it from the first time I wore it out! If you’re like me and you have a petite frame, I highly suggest looking at YesStyle for their mesh tops as they cater to smaller sizes as well.


I’ve been a longtime fan of Sam Smith since he released his first single a couple of years ago – I went to his concert in Sydney and I loved it! Since he released his new single (after 2 years), ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’, it’s been on repeat on my playlist. I was so excited when he announced his comeback and this song definitely does not disappoint. If you’re into music that hits the soul and beautifully composed music then this is the song for you and you should definitely check it out. Sam Smith writes songs based on experiences we can all relate to – heartbreak, loss, happiness and celebration. “TGAG” isn’t just a sad song over losing someone you love, but it’s also the strength of loving yourself at the end of it and having the confidence to repair yourself and move on. If you have any other song recommendations, do let me know and I’ll check them out because I’m always looking for new songs to sing to.


When I was in Osaka, I had the chance of visiting the Gudetama Cafe, where all things were decorated with the adorable Sanrio egg character, Gudetama himself. From the same makers of Hello Kitty, Gudetama is an animation character whose name derives from two words in Japanese – “gude gude” meaning having no energy and “tama” from the word egg. Gudetama has his own YouTube video, where the makers release short films with a combination of laziness, sleepiness and just all around “can’t be bothered”. I first started watching these short films 4 years ago and have found myself loving this adorable character just as much as I have loved Hello Kitty etc. The Gudetama cafe serves both Japanese and Italian inspired dishes, as well as having everything¬†Gudetama as possible. From toys, to plates, to even the wall and food decorations, it’s definitely a place that makes you feel like a kid again and enjoyed by everyone of all ages!


LBD’s should be a staple in every girls’ closet, and I can admit I’ve got a few that I keep coming back to, but I recently fell in love with this dress from Lulu & Rose. It’s such a transeasonal piece that can be worn for both the cold and the hot weathers. Because it was humid and sunny in Japan, I decided to keep it light by adding pops of colour like red and pink. However, I also decided that during the winter, I can wear this dress over a long sleeve top or an off shoulder top to add some dimension to my body and layer like a pro. The spaghetti strap style is beginning to trend again this season, but I think this dress does something different and adds texture by having a hooped belt, to make the dress look ruched from the waist down. It’s not too tight that you can’t breathe but hugs your figure in all the right places. Plus, it’s not too long nor too short and an all around great summer look!


There is a beautiful illustrator of High Fashion that goes by the name of Megan Hess, whose books are insanely popular to those that love the fashion and lifestyle world. However, I never put a face to the name until recently when I was searching up new books to read and learn about fashion icons and places to travel to. Megan Hess is an amazing author who shares stories on inspiring game changers and luxe destinations by using her signature illustrations – doll like water colour sketches. She has been commissioned to work for the biggest brands such as Chanel, Dior and Tiffany & Co. Her illustrations are manifique! They are the embodiment of modern elegance, with a novel to boot along with the illustrations. Not to mention that the book design is intricate too, with classy gold edges and font. I recently picked up both ‘Chanel’ and ‘New York’ to read. ‘Chanel’ tells the story of fashion superstar and trendsetter, Coco Chanel, whereas ‘New York’ is a fashion based travel guide book that tells you where the best places to shop, visit and dine are at.

Xx Eli.