Safari Chic

The warm weather has come and gone, and this year I welcome the coldness with open arms. I had been collecting so many warm pieces in my wardrobe that I couldn’t wait to wear them and was literally praying for some wind at one point! For those that don’t live in Sydney, we have quite weird weather. This year, it didn’t get cold until the brink of winter. Even our autumn was having 27 degree heat and sunny. Weird right? But as soon as the sun turned away, I couldn’t wait to break in my new outfit from Saturday Club!

I wore this outfit when Shad and I went to visit Dubbo Zoo. Dubbo is about 4 hours from Sydney, but we decided it was a good time to get out of Sydney for a while and take a break from city life. During our trip we visited the western plain zoo which is HUGE – I mean like you have to take your car around and drive it huge. It was so much fun! I haven’t been to a zoo in Australia yet so it was nice to tick that off my bucket list.

I’m so in love with this checkered blazer look, it’s something I threw on together because I thought it looked casual enough to go exploring in (as the pants allow for a lot of stretch) but also can transition into a night time outfit because it’s so classy. The blazer gives it a chic look but you can always take it off if you prefer it to be dressed down. I decided to go with flats this time as opposed to boots/heels because we were walking for long periods of time and also through dirt. Lastly, I kept the earthy tones present by wearing my Guess cross body bag. Nothing fancy but I absolutely loved the shade of brown and how well it complemented the white of the top and pants. To style my hair, I pushed it back with pearl hair clips which are insanely trending at the moment. I do love this trend so much! Is there such thing as a hair clip enthusiast guys? I’m probably one by now oops