RAW by Anthony Nader

New hair, who dis??

I‘ve been overdue for a hair transformation since gosh knows when. There was a time last year when I was colouring my hair almost once a month, and it did just as much damage as you thought it would have. I went from blonde, to ash brown, back to blonde and then to a silver/blonde colour all in the span of a few months. It was a crazy time for my hair and it became dry and brittle after being put under so much bleach. I dyed it for the last time back to black and since then have let it grow out and regain its strength, but was getting sick of long hair (since my long hair is naturally flat) and wanted some volume and a shorter length! Last week, I paid a visit to RAW, a salon run by artist Anthony Nader, to ask if he could give my hair a new transeasonal look and more volume at the top. I also asked him to chop off 5 inches  – all off please!

When I arrived, I was met with Anthony who took the time to go through what I was looking for today. I told him about my flat hair and how I wanted a volumised short cut. He then said he would cut layers into my hair to give it a “lift” and would also cut the fringes a bit shorter to frame my face. After the initial consultation, I was taken to their signature Relaxation Pod to wash my hair. They call it the Relaxation Pod because it’s a small room where lights are dim and gentle music plays in the background. They also give all clients a 10 minute massage whilst they wash your hair – trust me, I was in heaven by the time I was done getting my hair washed! I would definitely go back just for the hair wash.

What I love about this salon is not only the service, but the people who provide the service. A lot of people feel that it’s awkward when they go to a salon and there’s a 20-30 minute silence when the hairdresser is cutting their hair, but I didn’t feel it at all in this case! In fact, I had such a lovely chat with Anthony talking about things like my previous hair experiences, clients that he’s worked with and even about my mum too at one point. He gives the salon a casual vibe to make sure you’re as comfortable as ever, even stopping to let me have a drink of my tea when he saw that I was looking at it.

The end results were STUNNING. I had received so many compliments about it in the past week, even friends who had preferred longer hair said it was a good length and just enough volume. Anthony even took the time at the end to teach me how to curl with a straightening iron and get messy waves as opposed to loose curls. I love that the layers did give me an extra boost of thickness too! I can’t wait to be back for my next appointment now ♡