New hair // Edwards and Co


With summer coming around, I decided to give my long black hair a balayage makeover with the help of the lovely team at Edwards & Co in Surry Hills! My hair was starting to reach my bellybutton so I thought the appropriate course of action would be a fresh cut a little past the shoulders and a light brown/blonde look. Edwards & Co have been in the industry for ages. Their clientele is prolific, spanning from fashion bloggers alike to celebrities including Lara Bingle (who is a frequent visitor).

The interior of the salon is a mix between warehouse chic and minimalism. It’s spacious yet also has enough chairs to seat every client that walks in the door. Decor is kept simple with touches of brown and white and a hint of teal to match their logo.

There are plenty of magazines to keep you entertained whilst you wait for your stylist. I had a browse at a couple of Vogue editions when Alisha approached me and had a quick consultation regarding what I wanted my hair to look like. The thing I love most about E&Co is their honesty. They won’t do business for profit especially if what you’re asking is out of reach. For instance, the look I was going for was a light brown/blonde balayage but Alisha refused to do it in a day because my hair was so black and too much bleach in one session could potentially damage my hair. She then said she would try her best to get the roots as light as possible but I definitely wouldn’t be getting to the colour I wanted. I appreciated her so much for letting me know – I would rather be turned down than to hate my hair afterwards!

The process was as followed: First, various highlights and dyes was hand painted to ensure I got the most natural look. Then I got to sit in the basin whilst they washed out the bleach, but Alisha wanted my hair to go lighter so I sat there for another application, followed by a toner that changed the colour from a warm tone to a cool tone. I then had a gloss put on, and finally an Olaplex treatment to  lighten my hair even further without breaking the strands of my hair. I can admit, it was a strenuous process as my hair was the blackest black but Alisha kept me updated on everything she was going to do so I felt like I was in the loop – and she never did anything extra without my consent, as she stressed that I was paying for this and she wanted to keep the style within my budget.

My hair before - I visited the salon a week before I coloured it to cut my hair but forgot to take any photos of my longer one - oops!

In the end, it took just over 5 hours for the whole process to be completed. We finished off the balayage with a blow dry and a quick wave to give my new hair volume and definition. Alisha also gave me some products to take home that would help strengthen the product in my hair so it doesn’t fade when I’m out of the salon.

The verdict? I love it! It is a huge change from my old hair but I feel like this new hair shapes my face a lot better and also gives a little colour to my skin. However, I still want to go lighter so I’ve booked in two more appointments with Alisha and fingers crossed we get to the colour that I’m aiming for.


If you’re looking for a place to get your hair done and pamper yourself, then I would fully recommend Edwards & Co. Everyone there is friendly and the service is outstanding. Not only do they have a whole menu of beverages but they even made sure I found the time to eat and heated up my lunch for me. Apart from hair, they also specialise in makeup and wedding styling and are now across three locations in Sydney.

Give them a visit and you’ll always be coming back. Enjoy x