Microblading 101



ello everyone! About a week ago, I asked you all on Instagram to send me any questions you had about microblading. I had my eyebrows microbladed on August this year, with a final touch up last month. Microblading is a semipermanent tattoo process that involves the artist drawing thin realistic strokes onto your brows, literally blading them to make the brows look fuller and thicker. There has been a lot of hype around it in the past year, so I thought I’d jump in and get it done, and also share my process with anyone who’s thinking of getting their brows microbladed too. So without further ado, I’ve grouped all your questions and will answer them as informatively as possible!

Why did you decide to get your eyebrows microbladed?

Deciding to have my eyebrows microbladed was actually a 2-year process. I was born with uneven eyebrows due to the placement of my brow bones, and it was always something I had been self-conscious about. For so long I tried filling it in or drawing the shape, but I could never get it right. I also have very thin hairs and thin brows, and it was definitely something I didn’t like. I made a choice to have my brows microbladed in 2015, and even went so far to book the appointment – but I backed out a week before because I was so scared of committing to a semi tattoo! I had good days and bad days with my brows, and I thought I could live with it. Until this year, I decided to just bite the bullet and actually go through with the booked appointment. P.s: I got my brows done at Tanya Beauty Care and they are super amazing.

Wow what a brave thing to do! Were you scared?

Yes, I was! I think it’s completely fine to be scared and a little bit anxious, since there’s no guarantee you would be happy with the shape and the colour of your brows. But I think 95% of the microblading process is making sure you go to a credible artist where they can actually guide you through the process and make sure you’re 100% certain you want a shape before they start blading. A great artist goes a long way and is definitely worth the price!

Any advice for what brow shape to go for, what was your process?

My first step was to source out some major brow inspo and save them in a gallery. I was fortunate enough to find a pattern in the brow shape I wanted – thicker, arched and to match the colour of my hair. After that, I deleted ones that didn’t stand out to me until I was left with two photos which I could show my brow artist so she can understand what shape I wanted. If you’re really unsure, I suggest to look up brow charts on Tumblr and Pinterest to give you an understanding of what kind of brow shapes there are out there!

I heard that microblading was painful, did yours hurt? 🙁   

You know, I also heard the same thing! And I actually don’t have a proper answer for your question because it depends on the clinic you go to. Personally, Tanya Beauty Care provided me with numbing cream for about 40 mins before I went to get them done. As Anne, the artist, was drawing my brows and blading them, I didn’t feel a thing! It was a completely painless procedure. However, I’ve heard stories where people were not provided with numbing cream, so it’s best to check with your clinic before going to see if they do that! As a side note, I did have a brief period where the numbing cream wore off on the ends of my brows and I felt the blades – it did really hurt! It wasn’t the worst pain I’ve been through though and I could definitely sit through it without crying.

Was the healing process bad? Did you feel insecure going out?

I anticipated what the healing process was going to be like because everything was explained to me after hand. You are given a kit with information on how to take care of your brows. In short, you cannot touch it or wet it for 7 days. It was hard because it meant I had to shower away from my face and clean it separately afterwards. Your brows also go through two stages. Days 1-5 will be super super thick and dark brows; you will think you had the wrong colour on! No worries, because that will fade. Days 5-10, your brows will start to peel and it’ll look like you have no hairs at all! But again, the pigment will come back and the rest of the healing process will be a piece of cake. I did feel a little insecure at times and wanted to fill it in, but I think it’s worth the wait to just leave it and besides, you can tell people you’ve had it done if they ask!

What is a realistic price tag?

I believe when it comes to microblading, you shouldn’t skimp out on price. I’ve heard many horror stories for people that just go to the cheapest place. My best advice is to always do your research before committing to something like this. In saying that, my brows cost $650 which includes the microblade as well as a touch up 6 weeks later to go through missing pigments or to darken the colour. Depending on your artist, I’d say $650 is a very realistic price tag for the quality of work you’re getting.

Any negatives you can think of for someone who is still considering?

I guess the only negatives I can think of is if you don’t end up liking your brow shape. I really loved my brow shape, but obviously it’s not always the case. The only negatives I experienced was during the peeling process. The pigments didn’t attach to my brow so I was left with a lot of blank space where the pigment was meant to heal, but did not. But that’s why you have the touch up! The touch up was necessary to fill in everything else the first appointment missed, and that made my brows look fuller and thicker. Although I was still left with a little bit of lost pigment after my touch up, it takes me only 5 seconds to fill in and is super convenient.

Would you keep microblading forever?

Honestly, that’s a question I’ve considered but haven’t gotten the answer to yet. I know I’m extremely happy with my brows now, there is no upkeep necessary and I wake up without having to put makeup on. But this is a semipermanent thing and if I would like to continue, I’d have to microblade once a year. I’m anxious that once it fades, I would hate my thin brows and become self-conscious again. So far now, I think the answer would be yes!

Was it worth it?

If you still don’t know the answer by my previous answers, I would like to reiterate once more – yes, yes, YES!! Have fun with it, take a little risk and most importantly, be confidently you! Once I had my brows microbladed and showed my cousins, three of them have now booked in their appointment. All you need to do is take that leap and trust in your artist.

Xoxo Eli.