Brunching at Kynd Community

They say that food is often eaten with the eyes, but will you believe me if I say that it can also be eaten with the heart? Visit Kynd Community in Bali and you will understand exactly what I mean! Here in Seminyak lies Kynd Community, a plant based cafe that has taken social media by storm. If you go to Bali and don’t go to Kynd Community, well then did you really go to Bali? This cafe opened it’s doors in a small shop, but following its popularity, it decided to pack up and move next door to an even bigger and better area! There is still that famous pink paradise wall that is the best photo opp, as well as new features such as a sunflower hammock and a huge scandi indoor seating place in case the weather gets too much in the afternoons.

Kynd Community’s mission is to make plant based food anything but boring. They source fresh ingredients then turn them into light, refreshing dishes that will leave you satisfied, not full. I’m a meat eater, but I would never hesitate visiting the cafe again – there is so much on the menu to order from no matter what you’re feeling like. They also have a large selection of wellbeing drinks including smoothies, juices and my personal favourite, cooling sodas!

Shad and I were feeling a little adventurous so we decided to opt for a mostly sweet menu for lunch. He ordered the classic Avo Toast whilst I decided to get the vanilla infused Paradise Pancakes with strawberry cream and fresh fruit! We also couldn’t resist trying the Berry Tropical smoothie bowls as they are super popular on Instagram. They write any word you want using mangoes – I asked them to surprise me and they came back with ‘Paradise’.

I’m usually a savoury girl when it comes to brunching, but I’d have to say the pancakes stole the show this time around. The vanilla gave the pancakes a subtle flavour and was light and fluffy. I was a bit worried that the strawberry cream might have been too sweet but it was just right. When eaten altogether, it melted in your mouth! Even Shad wanted more of the pancakes.

The name of the cafe certainly reflects the atmosphere of Kynd Community. They want you to visit their cafe, and leave as friends, not strangers! The cafe is full of friendly faces who never hesitated to make sure I had everything I wanted, even allowing me to move the table so I could get a better angle for my shot. Not only is it very instagrammable, but the food is delicious and prepared from the heart, you can really tell how passionate the owners are about making the world a better place, one plant at a time.