January Favourites



an someone explain to me how we’re already two months into 2018 already?! Last month was such a hectic run for me. Not only was I focused on transforming my content creation, but I also welcomed work again after going on Christmas break. It’s strange that whilst some of my friends are going back to uni, I’ll be working full time and building up my career. I feel so old yet accomplished at the same time! Only bigger and better things ahead, right? Every month, I find myself falling in love with all sorts of things, and it surprises me how different everything is each month! These were just some of the things I fell for in January, and it was so hard to limit it down to the top 5, but I hope you like my honest thoughts as to why these places/things, struck a cord with me ♡

Chez Sun

If it weren’t for Instagram telling me about this cute cafe, I wouldn’t have even known it existed! Chez Sun is a cafe that can be easily missed as it’s on a busy street and the building itself is very narrow! I spotted this cute patio area on Instagram and decided to give this cafe a try – BEST.IDEA.EVER! The downstairs area is very french chic, but once you go to the second floor, the cafe seems to transform into a cozy living space with couches and a fireplace (and the cute patio where the photo was taken). There is a balcony that overlooks Darlinghurst which is also perfect for photos! The best thing about this cafe though is the food, which I still cannot get over. I’m normally a savoury type of girl that enjoys bacon and toast, but I have to say the sweets won me over this time. Their best dish by far were the raspberry pancakes with fresh fruit. I couldn’t get enough of them and wanted to eat it even though I was full! I was even slightly disappointed when they didn’t have it on their dinner menu the next time I went…

The Carter

Wanna know where Jay Z and Beyonce would hang on a casual weekend? Well, The Carter is the place for you! The Carter is a bar and club dedicated to the power couple themselves. Their interior features gold bars surrounding the entire venue and everything on the menu is homage to the King and Queen. From Bey’s Fried Chicken to a ‘Drunk in Love’ cocktail, they have everything on the menu that can fulfil any picky eater! On weekends, the venue turns into a club that plays hip hop music – but if you’re not a club dancer like I am, then have an early dinner at around 5-6:30pm and enjoy the funky atmosphere that The Carter provides.

Lash Extensions

This is perhaps my most favourite favourite (is that even a thing?) of last month! I was invited by the lovely Anna at Premium Lashes Bar to have some lash extensions done. I was always weary of getting my lashes extended, because my mum used to tell me that they would never look natural and would fall off easily. I had also never gotten them done before so I was a bit nervous! But let me just say that Anna is the most professional and friendly expert that I have ever met! At first, she gave me a form that explained which styles of lashes I could get, and even recommended me what she thought was best that suited my eye shape. The process was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep and she was so gentle (didn’t once prick my eye). The results were so amazing – my lashes looked natural and full without even wearing any makeup. I even got so many compliments from friends asking where I got it done. For all Sydneysiders, Anna is offering 50% off all lash extensions until the end of February, so I implore you to get on it before this great deal ends!

Tobi Clothing

I loveeee looking at new clothing brands, I honestly feel like that’s my addiction. Last month, I came across a US fashion site, Tobi. I had shopped there when I was younger but forgot about it and it popped up on my radar once again, years later. The brand had gone through a transformation and the clothing reflected modern trends so well! There were patterns, bright colours and pastel sets that looked perfect for summer. I got 3 pieces of clothing; a red set, a pink summer dress and a white romper. The red set reminded me of the dancing lady emoji 💃🏻 and I wanted more of the colour in my wardrobe so I couldn’t resist but to grab it! The pink summer dress I just had to get because I’m always a big fan for blush pink. These two pieces look so flattering on and could easily be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.




Finally, I wanted to talk about something important that isn’t a place or a thing, but a feeling inside. That is, growth of course! Last month, I stumbled across a very old Instagram feed of mine when I started posting as ‘Elidaze’ back in 2015. I then went and compared it to my feed last month in January and when you put the two together, you can see so much change! Back then, I had no idea what I was doing and took photos pretty much of everything. I then started learning about photography tips, angles, lighting, facial expressions and from there my page just grew. And I feel like this is an important thing to stress because everyone has to realise that bloggers don’t know what to do from the get-go. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a following, and all the stories are the same! Looking back at my photos from the past, I can spot so many errors, but the fact that I learnt from these errors and built up such a loyal fanbase (you guys!) is what inspires me to constantly learn how to create better content. I started Instagram with a “messy” feed but I never gave up and instead kept learning. So this is a message to everyone who thinks they can’t do it, because you can and you will eventually get to where you want to be!

I hope you all have a lovely day and see you next month for my February favourites.

Xx Eli.