Hello, 2018



ow! It seems like yesterday that I was sitting down and writing my Hello 2017 post and here we are, a year later and onto the next farewell/welcome post! 2017 was quite a year. I had just started a job whilst studying full time, was trying to balance that and blogging with a new website, and had even planned to travel a lot more and creating heaps of new content. I pushed myself to be more and do more, and looking back at the year, I think it went wonderfully and was one of the happiest years I’ve had yet!

At the start of 2017, I launched this blog. Although I haven’t been as active as I thought I would be (darn life), I cherish Elidaze so much as it has become a part of me and getting to write content for you has been my honour thus far. I like to think of Elidaze.com as an extension of my Instagram, a place where I can share more than just one photo, but instead a series of photos and backstories behind it, or sharing travel tips and tricks as well as open up myself to even more creative challenges. I can’t say it’s been a perfect journey. Of course life gets the best of you and I haven’t taken full responsibility over this blog as I do my instagram, 2018 will see me trying to update constantly and also resume posts like my favourites and more travel vlogs for you all, because I know you all enjoy it. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey, because without all of you, Elidaze wouldn’t even exist ♡

One of my goals in my last post was to travel more often in 2017 – and that was exactly what I set out to do! Last year, I travelled to over 7 different cities and explored to my hearts content. It was the only year where I had university break before a full time job, and I tried to take advantage of that. Being able to explore places like New Zealand and Japan whilst capturing the beauty of the city were phenomenal. I encourage everyone to break in their suitcases and get their passports stamped as much as they can because travelling really does fulfil your soul. I am so glad I can also do it all with my partner, who has been the most supportive person I can ever wish for. Now that I’m working as well, it will be hard to travel whenever I want, but this won’t stop me from visiting every country! So far, I spent my New Years in the mountains and already have a trip for Hawaii planned.

I love topping off New Years Posts with a resolution. It may seem a bit sappy, but putting your mind to something helps you conquer the year and makes you a better person by the end of it! My 2017 resolution was simple: To make it my biggest yet. I can count all the amazing things I did but it will take me forever. Some highlights included Skydiving in New Zealand, getting to cross the Shibuya crossing, making Youtube Videos, spending buttloads of celebrations with my partner, and lastly being surrounded by the people I love and enjoying every moment. I can’t wait to do it again and even bigger this time!

Let me share my 2018 resolution with you: it’s to be more independent with financial decisions. It’s not your typical resolution, but I feel like it’s an important one. I’ll be turning 22 this year and this means saving up for big purchases like a house or a car. Even more, it means learning about financial security purchases such as insurance, or gas/internet/water bills. For a long time I have sheltered myself into not knowing what money can be spent or where it’s spent on, so it’s time I take a step into planning for the future and growing up!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2018 – let’s kick ass together x