Gibbons St Cafe

A few weeks ago I got the chance to visit Gibbons St, a brunch cafe that is right off Redfern, to celebrate their new anniversary menu! Gibbons St is one of my favourite cafes of all time because it’s spacious and at the same time the food is very aesthetic, they use fresh ingredients and also decorate their foods with a lot of edible flowers. The staff are also very accommodating to requests and are just the friendliest people!

Their anniversary menu contains a lot of colourful dishes and we got to try out some of the new items, two sweet dishes and one savoury dish. My favourite was the fruity raspberry cheesecake that was lined up with cute little bumblebee meringues and fruits around the dish. Amongst that was a crumble with frozen dried fruits (which tasted absolutely bomb too!) It was my first time trying frozen dried fruits and I have a slight obsession with them now. The one savoury dish we tried was a spicy green pasta made from scallops, green pepper corn and chilli – it was such a burst of flavour with hints of spice yet texture from the seafood and orange tobiko! We also got a few drinks on the table which were complementary items to their anniversary menu, it was a green matcha latte and a beetroot latte, both soooo colourful. I’m not a big fan of drinking much coffee because I generally like cold drinks better, but they had a very sweet flavour and tasted exactly like what the name said it was.

I had an amazing time visiting Gibbons St cafe, I cannot recommend their food enough. We shared 3 dishes between 2 people and felt like we wanted more as we cleared out the plates as soon as they were put on the table! Next time I would definitely go back for their spicy pasta and maybe try some new desserts tooooo ♡♡♡