Festive Pavlova Wreath recipe

The holiday season is upon us again! I get so excited when Christmas comes around the corner, because the mood of the festivities always brightens me up. As a kid, I never celebrated Christmas but I would always stare in awe at the bright lights, sing the songs at the top for my lungs and wish to decorate a tree when I was older. Now that Shad and I moved out, we decided to celebrate Christmas in full swing.

This year, we’re hosting our first Christmas party and with that comes a lot of preparation. We decided to try and make a Pavlova biscuit wreath for dessert as its a modern take on a traditional dessert in Australia. I am normally a great cook but I’m not so much of a good baker, so I knew I needed a lot of help in order to get this right and nail it with my guests. The traditional pavlova consists of a meringue cake base on the bottom, and topped up with various summer fruits such a passion fruit and berries. However, ours was hollow in the centre and decorated with red and green fruits, fitting to the theme of Christmas. We decided to go with a flatter meringue biscuit as personally we don’t like the thickness of normal meringues (a little too sweet). Having a biscuit like base allows guests to pull apart the pavlova and eat it so it’s also great for entertaining too.

A few tips I learnt when attempting to bake our first meringue pavlova wreath were:

1. Have ingredients measured and ready to pour before baking. This helps with saving time of course but it also ensures that you’re concentrated on the mixer and not fumbling around for the ingredients. You have to be careful not too over beat the eggs or the meringue won’t become fluffy!

2. Keep your decorating items in the fridge until your pavlova is done baking. Your pavlova will cook for 1hr and 10 mins, and prepping it to be cooked will also take an additional 40 mins, meaning that if you take your ingredients out beforehand, they’d be sitting to cool at room temperature. It’s best to serve your Pav with fresh cold fruit!

3. Trace your wreath shape before piping. A mistake I made was not tracing a wreath shape before I piped on my meringue filling. It didn’t turn out to be the best circular shape, so a learning I took from that and decided that the next time I baked this, I would start by tracing a light wreath shape on my baking paper so I know how much to pipe and how many meringues I needed. It’s not compulsory to do it, but I think it’ll help in forming the ‘wreath’ shape a lot better than when you guess!

There’s no doubt that the Pavlova biscuit wreath will make the best appearance at this year’s Christmas party, and who knows? Maybe it’ll become a yearly tradition that we make this for family and friends! Watch the video below to see how I made this Christmas pavlova wreath come alive ♡

Xoxo, Eli.