Desert Vibes

Taking time to explore new places can sometimes lead you to beautiful, unexpected destinations. I’ve been travelling around Sydney a lot these past few weeks, visiting new cafes and going to galleries. In the hustle and bustle that is a major city, sometimes you have to travel just outside the busyness to find that perfect corner spot. My go-to destination has either been Surry Hills or Paddington. I love the terrace houses and how quiet the places are, plus there’s always something to do. With Surry Hills, there are more things to eat. With Paddington, there are lines of boutiques as well as your local hipster joints that sell quirky paintings or bookshops. Thanks to someone I reached out to on Instagram, she was able to tell me that about this art gallery, Saint Cloche, that will become my dream backdrop for many photos to come. I’m feeling major desert vibes from this exterior! Or maybe it has something to do with the potted plants and giant cactus hanging out together. Whatever the case, this is a must visit if you’re in Paddington. The gallery is aesthetically minimal, with an espresso bar inside.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with the colour white all over again and started to incorporate more pieces into my outfits. I’m crushing on this new biker jacket I got from The Iconic. It was on sale from New Look and is actually my first ever white jacket purchase! The cropped look hugs your body so you don’t lose your figure, but it’s loose enough to be layered under and is easy to move around with. I wanted to shoot with this piece to move away from my usual choice of outerwear – pink, camel and black (I feel like that’s all my followers ever see me in), and it was fun trying to style this piece to reflect the desert looking backdrop. This time I went for an edgy look with the looped belt and dark sunglasses, but I’m interested to style a feminine look with the same jacket to see how versatile it really can be.

Hat: Dotti
Top: Forever New
Jacket: The Iconic
Belt: Pre-owned
Jeans: PopCherry
Bag: Pomelo
Shoes: Missguided