Business as usual

I recently just changed my hair from a blonde colour to an ashy grey-brown, which I’ve never done before. But 2017 is all about stepping outside your comfort zone, and I did just that thanks to the beautiful people over at Sonder The Label. I don’t usually wear the colour blue or collared shirts, but I was a sucker for these gold oversized sleeves (which reminds me of Anna Quan’s famous initialled cuffs that all fashion icons are wearing). I thought it would be cute to add some dimension to it with this flare skirt too! That way I don’t lose my form over the big shirt, and the white on white with the sleeves match well together. I also wore my cute booties that I mentioned in my last post – they honestly go with everything! I’m currently trying to build a closet out of these shoes just to see how versatile they really are. This look reminds me of some chic kick-ass boss who’s ready to conquer the world, but I probably need my coffee first ☕

Top: Sonder The Label
Skirt: Sonder The Label
Shoes: KOI Footwear
Bag: HiEleven