A boho-scandi dream with IKEA Australia

This time last year, I wrote a blog post about my collaboration with IKEA in creating a huge room makeover. My family had just moved into a new place and I found it hard to come up with a style that I wanted to achieve, but after a long think, we ended up going very pastel with lots of grey, pink, and white tones. IKEA reached out to me again a couple of weeks ago asking me if I wanted to change up the look of my room (for my bed in particular), and I said yes straight away! Shad and I had moved out of our apartment not too long ago and I hadn’t found any time to give my room the TLC it deserves. Again, when they asked me what style I wanted to go for, I found it hard to come up with only one option. I’m generally a pastel lover, so I was gravitating towards that for a LONG while, but then I thought to myself, I did that last year and my room needs a top to bottom drastic change – and that’s when the boho-scandi idea came about!

I had always dreamt of having a boho-scandi bedroom but it was never my final option when it came to styling, because there are so many colours and textures involved, and it’s quite challenging to put together a simple yet effective palette. I envision boho to be very bold colours, patterns and prints, whereas scandi is more refined, neat, and earthy toned. To put those two styles together without clashing was a job left to the professionals (IKEA to the rescue!)

Before styling the room, I made a quick moodboard to serve as inspiration. I tried to pick photos I knew I could achieve, but also had to be within the same colour tones (I didn’t want to be mixing green tones with yellow tones as I wanted it to be quite consistent!). A lot of my inspo photos also coincidentally featured fairy lights, so I knew I had to incorporate them permanently somehow.

I couldn’t be happier with the final result! What was my bed bedroom in the previous blog post has now been completely transformed with lights, colours and patterns. To create the backdrop, I hung some LEDFYR fairy lights and covered it with TERESIA curtains for a subtle glow – you wouldn’t want to have your lights unprotected as it could be a safety hazard. I think this was the perfect way to incorporate fairy lights into my room!

The next step was cushions, cushions, cushions. I randomly placed cushions of various sizes around my bed, starting with the biggest ones first and working my way down. I loved the SANELA cushion covers because they were made of a velvet material. This gave a hint of texture which was exactly what I was after. I didn’t want to overdo it with the patterns, so I stuck to a classic boho cushion (FRANSINE). Instead, I wanted the colours to speak for themselves! The colour combination is bold, playful and striking, yet somehow complementary to each other.

Because the cushions were already so loud, I wanted to play down the rest of my décor with neutral tones; this is also where the scandi theme is incorporated. I used both the LUDDE sheepskin and the JENNYANN throw to mix more textures into the styling, but also because they contrast so well with the rest of the décor. The sheepskin was perfect as it has the scandi colours, but the boho look. A throw is also perfect for that little bit of extra warmth.

I loved putting this entire room together! It’s so different from what I would usually choose and I’m glad I made the decision to try something new. I seriously couldn’t have done it without IKEA, who listened to my wants and needs during the entire process. Now I can have a good night’s sleep.